Variety of Beanitos Products Available

Where have these Beanitos all my life?

I used to be a tortilla chip junkie! I loved loading them up with savory dips, salsas and guacamole, or serving them as a main dish with shredded buffalo chicken, bbq pork or nacho toppings. What I didn’t love was how they were wrecking my health by being full of empty carbohydrates, cholesterol, and one
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Six things you should know before you go to yoga

Before You Go To Yoga

As I was mid warrior pose yesterday, I got to thinking about how nervous I was walking into my first yoga class. My head was filled with all sorts of misconceptions about yoga, such as all yogis must be skinny and super flexible, a girl of my physic didn’t belong in a yoga class, and
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The Me Project A Journey To A Healthier Me

The Me Project

Back in February, I started The Me Project, a journey to a healthier me both mentally and physically. I bought a treadmill, yoga mat, exercise ball, and workout clothes; vowed to no longer be a sugar addict; and learned to say “no” when I really didn’t want to do something for someone else. It was
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Idina Menzel’s Holiday Wishes

The beautiful Idina Menzel is a woman with a multitude of talents. She is best known for her live performances on stage in plays such as Wicked, Rent, and Hair as well as her roles in Disney’s Enchanted and Fox’s Glee. She was most recently heard as Elsa in Disney’s global box office smash Frozen, in which she sings “Let It Go.”
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Celebrating Thanksgiving with Kindness

While I agree with the Grinches of Thanksgiving that we should spend 365 days a year being thankful for all we have rather than just the last Thursday of each November, I love Thanksgiving! Life has a tendency to be busy, chaotic and down right overwhelming the other 364 days a year, but Thanksgiving is
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Bring the Salon Home with KISS InstaWave

Growing up, I attempted many times to add some life to my thin, fine and straight-as-a-board hair by using my sister’s curling iron. It always made her hair look so nice, but mine, well the results were always less than desirable with my hair! For starters, my hair didn’t hold a curl at all. What
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How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter - In the font of A

How to Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

It may not technically be winter yet, but we experienced our first big snow fall here in northwestern Pennsylvania yesterday. The snow always comes long before the season truly begins. As someone who’s lived here my entire life, and as the wife of an automotive technician, I fully understand the importance of getting a vehicle
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