Say Yes To Family

Say YES to family this Thanksgiving

Last year, I created quite a stir on Facebook when I participated in a campaign against the unethical decision made by several chain retailers to force employees to work on Thanksgiving so that Black Friday shoppers could start their bargain hunting even earlier than usual. While I may have offended a handful of people, I
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Celebrating Thanksgiving with Kindness

While I agree with the Grinches of Thanksgiving that we should spend 365 days a year being thankful for all we have rather than just the last Thursday of each November, I love Thanksgiving! Life has a tendency to be busy, chaotic and down right overwhelming the other 364 days a year, but Thanksgiving is
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Bring the Salon Home with KISS InstaWave

Growing up, I attempted many times to add some life to my thin, fine and straight-as-a-board hair by using my sister’s curling iron. It always made her hair look so nice, but mine, well the results were always less than desirable with my hair! For starters, my hair didn’t hold a curl at all. What
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How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter - In the font of A

How to Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

It may not technically be winter yet, but we experienced our first big snow fall here in northwestern Pennsylvania yesterday. The snow always comes long before the season truly begins. As someone who’s lived here my entire life, and as the wife of an automotive technician, I fully understand the importance of getting a vehicle
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A Taste of Tastefully Simple

It wasn’t until I met my friend PJ and attended a birthday party for her husband that I was introduced to Tastefully Simple. She had a spread of delicious dips setup for guests to enjoy along with some hearty breads and other goodies. It was then that I learned PJ was a Tastefully Simple consultant and
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My Miscarriage :: Words for 1 in 4

I don’t check the stock market, but I’m willing to bet that the stocks of First Response and E.P.T. sky rocketed a couple weeks ago as I took test after test after test trying to get just one test to give me a clear answer. After several tests with extremely faded lines, a week of
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